Flirty Florals: Flower arrangement collaboration between The Stemmery and Workshop Issaquah

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

What is more fantastic than a beautiful, fresh and fragrant display of flowers... one that you were able to create yourself; following direction from an expert floral artist.

At Workshop Issaquah, we recently welcomed Sarah Abare, the founder of 'The Stemmery,' and she was a delight!

The Stemmery brings delight to your doorstep in the form of carefully curated and artisanally arranged seasonal flowers. Her enthusiasm for floristry is self evident. Her commentary was energetic and full of passion. The class was relaxed, inclusive and soooo much fun!!

The Coral Charm Peonies were exceptionally beautiful. Large bowl shaped blooms packed with golden anthers. The mature blooms used were a blend of rich coral that faded to a paler peachy pink. The stems were strong and long, adding dimension to the displays.

Ranunculus, otherwise endearingly named the 'Persian Buttercup,' have an uncomplicated appearance and added texture, variety. Typically they grow on long straight stems and blossom in an array of mouthwatering shades, making them a great cut flower for displays. The blooms accessible during the class were made up layers of tissue thin petals in a variety of apricot tones.

The diversity of the floral displays produced at the conclusion of the class were testament to the creativity of the individuals present and participating. From the novice to the experienced, everyone benefitted from the her fabulous expertise.

We have a number of amazing upcoming classes at WORKSHOP such as Macramé, Watercolors and Photography. Check out all our workshops here. We are looking forward to seeing you taking a class or joining us at Creative Happy Hour(s) every Wednesday night.

Photography by Bianca Malone

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